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Being CEO/MD of a SME is a great role, often even a rewarding role, yet it is certainly challenging and most often a very lonely role. Having been there, I know from experience. Its why I established ISDS. Whether you're seeking support for fund raising for working capital or investment, needing support to develop your business strategy to commercialise your business Vision or simply need a confidential and experienced 'sounding board', I'm here to help you suceed.

Traditional business practice is no longer capable of successfully addressing these contemporary challenges. For the business leader, defining, coping with and leading this change is difficult with the distractions of the 'here and now' pressures faced every day. Also achieving the correct balance between innovation, discipline and entrepreneurial flair is vital to enabling this 'journey', whilst aligning all resources effectively, efficiently AND flexibly with your 'Ambition' is a fundamental for survival, let alone growth and sustainability.

ISΔS business mentoring and coaching support is focused on providing common sense, practical 1 to 1 support for the Business Leader to address these challenges directly within the context of their own personal needs and business environment. Whether its a 'hands-off' mentoring role or more of a 'hands-on' coaching role is your choice.

Many leaders have already successfully benefited from these services; take a look at the client testimonials available on this site. So if you are a SME business leader or Director who wants to re-invigorate yourself and your business to grow 'real' and sustainable value, GIVE ME A CALL for an informal chat about how this can be achieved.

............. "The cave you refuse to enter holds the treasure that you anxiously seek "! Native North American Proverb


The approach focuses on 5 key inter-related, holistic factors for creating sustainable value:

1. Process driven to simplify understanding, implementation, self management and alignment

2. Maximising efficiency, effectiveness and flexibilty to improve productivity and profitability

3. Establishing BALANCE between entrepreneurial flair and risk with discipline and focus

4. Maintaining a practical focus for delivery directly within the context of your own business environment

5. Converting the abstract of Vision, Mission and Strategy into real world action for commercial value

ISΔS uses contemporary yet proven tools, techniques and processes, adapted and simplified for SME's, to achieve breakthrough performance



Support falls into 5 categories:

  Business & Strategic Planning

  Sales & Marketing

  Change and Risk Management

  Performance Management

  Leadership Coaching & Mentoring


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Free to download, documents to help you manage performance. ..





ISΔS ...... an experienced SME Business Coach, Mentor, Advisor, MD, NED and Chairman providing common sense and practical support to help you.....

  • manage vital change
  • maximise your value
  • achieve breakthrough
  • establish sustainability
  • plan for your exit!

           ........... Making a Δifference